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Charlottesville dining offers so many options! Whether you are an avid foodie, a budding gourmet, or a fan of classic southern fare, Charlottesville restaurants provide the perfect match for any taste. Charlottesville restaurants have created a dining scene that has been nationally recognized in several publications for the variety and quality of choices in the area. Come and try a few of our famous venues for yourself, both in Charlottesville and right here in Scottsville!

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Charlottesville dining is highlighted throughout the nation by food critics for having a robust and fast-paced scene. What's the latest news in Charlottesville dining? Here are some what's new in Charlotteville food:

The Blue Moon Diner: The Breakfast of Champions

Blue Moon Diner:
The Breakfast of Champions
from the Cville Weekly

The legendary Blue Moon Diner, an inspiring Charlottesville breakfast spot, opened by Buzz White in 1979 with a mission, he says, to create “a place for a diverse crowd to enjoy good food without spending an arm and a leg.” White's philosophy has survived in spite of several changes of ownership. John Grier, who owned the diner in the mid-1980s, agrees. “Each owner since Buzz took the core of his concept, and while each made contributions to the evolution, it is still recognizable,” says Grier. The current owners, Laura Galgano and husband, Rice Hall, took over in 2006, sharing the same passion and idealism that has sustained the diner’s success for so long.

The Blue Moon Diner cultivates a the culture of “a delicate balance of salt, fat and love,” says Galgano. The third ingredient is the most important, separating ordinary diner from great diner. Galgano and Hall's love food and hospitality shows. “Food has always held a central place in my heart,” says Galgano.

The food at the Blue Moon is prepared and served by a collection of people who care deeply about the comfort and enjoyment of the person eating, from the attention to a dish’s sourcing and until the customer has paid and walked out the door.

“We try to put the effort into making each meal great by taking pride in its individual components,” says Galgano. Sausage and ice cream are made in-house, in addition to granola and corned beef, which Galgano says can take up to a month to make. This attention to detail is evident and enchanting. Case in point, Boland’s choice: the Nordic omelet of smoked salmon, red onion, tomato and scallion cream.

While the diner is renowned for its breakfast, lunch and dinner are just as good, including creative weekly specials.

Read more about the Blue Moon Diner in the full article at the Cville Weekly.

Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast Charlottesville Bed & Breakfast

Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast Charlottesville Bed & Breakfast
Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast

After a Gourmet Feast in Charlottesville...

Take in a show! Attend an art opening! Go to a rock concert! Charlottesville and the surrounding area offer so many options in entertainment and events. For a few ideas of things to do during your stay at Chester Bed and Breakfast, click here!

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