Chester Inn

Summer Soltice Lilies at Chester B & B

Years ago when we came to Chester in Scottsville, we decided to use the lily for our logo. Over the years we have planted many varietals on the grounds – yellows, deep reds and oranges. They all have a special quality about them as they reappear in the gardens year after year. The wild orange lilies that grace the Virginia roadsides have a considerable stake on the Chester grounds. A dear friend and forever Virginian calls them “johnny house lilies.”

Our favorite has become the Lady Rebecca Staunton lily – yes, it was developed in honor of the city of Staunton, Virginia. She is always at her best for the Summer Solstice – perhaps she enjoys that very long day to display her intense blossoms.

The only downside to loving lilies is that our small group of resident deer also enjoy them. The buds seem to be a favorite “midnight snack.” We just hope their snack is as much a treat for them as the blossoms are for us.