Chester Inn

Harvest time is coming!

It’s hard to believe that fall will be here shortly, but it is definitely on the way. Join us the weekend of September 20th as we enjoy all of the exciting offerings that Monticello hosts at their annual Heritage Harvest Festival. In addition to all of the wonderful sessions about winter gardening and saving seeds, as well as some early holiday shopping, you’ll find this year has some new flavors as well. From dialogues about how food justice shows up in our neighborhoods to a live taping of Sporkful, the #1 food podcast in America, there’s something for everyone here. Jonathan Till, the executive chef of the wildly popular Evening Star restaurant in Alexandria will even be giving a talk! Rooms are available, and Monticello is a quick drive down beautiful Route 20! For more information, visit .

Tastings and talks at Monticello’s Heritage Harvest Festival