Chester Inn

Chester…where the wildlife comes to you!

We are so privileged to share our seven acres of aboretum grounds with all variety of flora and fauna. Often, we have to look to find that rare migrating bird, a family of bunnies crossing the yard, or a glimpse of a deer right at the edge of the woods, coming out for an early evening treat. But last night, we were treated to our very own display of beautiful deer who were none too shy. After a hot day, they had clearly come out for a walk with their fawns! We were sitting on the North Porch, overlooking the pond, and lo and behold, they appeared. We are so close to Charlottesville and all it has to offer, and yet in the middle of the country where wonderful things like this happen. Come and visit us; maybe you’ll get a visit too!

The fawns
Mama standing watch
No shyness here!