Chester Inn

At last…

The gardens are looking great, the lawn is mowed. Finally, there is a bit of time to relax and take stock of life here at Chester. Living near or visiting Scottsville is truly a sensory delight.

Views of the majestic Horseshoe Bend on the James River, blooming gardens, an eagle soaring overhead, and stars in the nighttime sky are only a few of the visual opportunities.

The scents of magnolias and honeysuckle, a hint of smoky bar-b-que in the air, perhaps coffee brewing somewhere nearby in the early morning, or event the smell of a gentle rain shower sprinkling the herb garden are welcome.

What a treat to waken to the song of a lark, to listen to tree frogs peeping, bull frogs croaking and a cacophony of bird calls. Yes, and there is also the delighted barking of a dog out for a ride in a pick-up truck.

This is life in Scottsville – no huge rush hour, only five minutes to get that extra bottle of milk, friendly restaurants nearby, a local brewery and coffee shop for break times, yoga classes, spa treatments and a gym are available locally. Walking trails abound , river activities are easily accessible. All come infused with a sense of history that reaches back to the beginnings of our nation.

Just a short drive from town are vineyards – too many to visit in even a week. There are so many opportunities to taste the wines of our area and enjoy a bit of cheese or some tapas surrounded by vast mountain views.

One could go on and on if time permitted…right now the animals need feeding, and the guests are approaching the door. It will be a joy to welcome them and share our special place for a time.