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Charlottesville dining offers so many options! Whether you are an avid foodie, a budding gourmet, or a fan of classic southern fare, Charlottesville restaurants provide the perfect match for any taste. Charlottesville restaurants have created a dining scene that has been nationally recognized in several publications for the variety and quality of choices in the area. Come and try a few of our famous venues for yourself, both in Charlottesville and right here in Scottsville!

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Charlottesville dining is highlighted throughout the nation by food critics for having a robust and fast-paced scene. What's the latest news in Charlottesville dining? Here are some what's new in Charlotteville food:

Mmmmmmystery on West Main...

Eljogaha, Charlottesville
Photo from the Cville Weekly

Tucker Yoder’s new restaurant may be tricky on the tongue, but that's only one part of a unique dining experience. Yoder likes to retain a little mystery, a fact that gives diners the sense of being part of the dining in-crowd. The restaurant occupies the former l’etoile restaurant on Charlottesville's West Main.

Yoder enjoys taking risks that he might not have been able to take in his previous position at the Clifton Inn.

“I don’t want to say it’s more freedom, but that is probably the best way to describe it,” said Yoder. “I can do whatever I want and don’t have to worry too much.”

Yoder has perfected the "pop-up" dinner, a format very like catering an event. The menus are pre-planned and carefully executed. Because the events are not "venue-based" (his craft is not practiced in the same place every time, and Yoder does not have the usual connections like a stand-alone restaurant would), Yoder is often forced to be very creative with his menus, resulting in delicious culinary experiments.

The accomplished chef plans to continue the pop-up concept. Eljogaha has attracted a large following rather quickly on Facebook, where Yoder features articles about his dinners and tantalizing photos of his creations.

Barbeque Heaven

“Virginia was once the epicenter [of barbeque culture], and when people moved away they did barbecue,” says The Barbeque Exchange’s Craig Hartman. “The first written advertisements in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, they all said come to Virginia for barbecue. There’s no reason Virginia can’t re-establish itself.”

Check out great Virginia BBQ at these great venues:

The Barbeque Exchange, Gordonsville, Virginia

The Barbeque Exchange
Gordonsville's best barbeque is known far and wide. In addition to the best cuts of meat and great options like chicken, pork belly, brisket and beef BBQ, The Barbeque Exchange also features a wide range of outstanding sauces, homemade fixin's and slaws, and great desserts.

Belmont Bar-B-Que, Charlottesville, Virginia

Belmont Bar-B-Que
Fantastic ribs are the highlight of Belmont BBQ. Big, generously meaty and saucy, these ribs are made the way they were intended to bemade. Owner Wes Wright, an Oklahoma native, has been making barbecue since 2000 when he served customers from his smoke wagon.

Hoo’s BBQ, Charlottesville, Virginia

Hoo’s BBQ
This barbeque haven is the epitome of fresh and homemade. Hoo's BBQ brings back the nostalgia of the road-side joint with dishes like The Pit-Master, a bowl layered with macaroni and cheese, beans, pulled pork, sauce and coleslaw.

Jinx’s Pit’s Top, Charlottesville, Virginia

Jinx’s Pit’s Top
Pulled pork and ribs are available for lunch Wednesday to Sunday. Jinx Kern says “The art I do is pork, barbecued pork.” His barbeque is traditional and sauceless, smoked and cooked before adding any of the usual barbeque sauce to the meat.

PastureQ, Charlottesville, Virginia

PastureQ began as a place for Southern small plates, but Jason Alley’s slow-cooked pork is perfect for barbecue. The restaurant also boasts a few unique items from its past, including fried catfish and pimento cheese for some of his signature Deep South flavor.

Red Hub Food Co., Charlottesville, Virginia

Red Hub Food Co.
Red Hub's menu centers around classic pulled pork barbecue, brisket and fried chicken. Red Hub offers four traditional sauces and great traditional side dishes like hush puppies and house-fried potato chips.

Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast Charlottesville Bed & Breakfast

Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast Charlottesville Bed & Breakfast
Charlottesville Bed and Breakfast

After a Gourmet Feast in Charlottesville...

Take in a show! Attend an art opening! Go to a rock concert! Charlottesville and the surrounding area offer so many options in entertainment and events. For a few ideas of things to do during your stay at Chester Bed and Breakfast, click here!

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